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Setting Things
in Motion

Our clients’ markets are like white water: unpredictable, powerful and in permanent flux. We offer services to make use of that force. Together we leverage technology, data and analytical insights.

Change the BusinessRun the BusinessCreate new Business

Shaping Solutions

Three services tailored to the stage of development

With all our technological experience we know that every challenge is rooted in the context of people. We strive to create concrete solutions using head, heart and hand.

These solutions depend on the stage of our clients’ development: Are they launching, growing, optimising or renewing? We are a partner to change and run the business – or create a business to set off on a joint entrepreneurial journey.

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Change the Business

We transform core business processes

Our Clients’ Situation

In their continuous quest for transformation our clients are driven by different motivations. Some aspire to scale their operations or to start a new line of business. Others strive to integrate and optimise after a merger or acquisition.

Our Solution

Based on our way of combining data, technologies and industry expertise we work in interdisciplinary teams. Together with our client we design tailored digital change. The transformations that we jointly implement range from optimising core processes to developing entirely new business models.

Case Study: Establishing Customised Mass Production
Run the Business

We operate and optimise complex systems

Our Clients’ Situation

As the data-driven software landscapes of our clients grow in complexity they face two conflicting requirements: They have to be robust to operate reliably. Plus, they need to remain adaptive to allow continuous innovation. Mastering this balancing act is the challenge to stay ahead.

Our Solution

We provide a twofold Managed Service. We guarantee the smooth operation of systems and processes. At the same time, we incrementally optimise the application ecosystem. These steps include integrating new technologies, reducing operational risks, automating processes and reorganising data flows.

Case Study: Running and Optimising a System at once
Create new Business

We build new enterprises on the greenfield

A new idea

The close collaboration with our clients and our creative restlessness continuously generate ideas for new businesses. The inspiration comes from various sources: new patterns that we discern across projects and markets or the rise of new technologies that open up new opportunities.

Our Solution

Fuelled by our entrepreneurial spirit, we realise these ideas by combining our expertise in data, technology and specific industries. These greenfield projects can take two forms: Either we team up with a like-minded partner, or we assume the entrepreneurial risk ourselves.

Case Study: Developing Algorithmic Trading in Energy
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Developers who write specifications
Business analysts who code
Experts who work across industries
Consultants who grow beyond their original role

Flexibility of Our Roles

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Do reach out to our regional experts who will be glad to assist you or put you in touch with our specialists.

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Knowhow – From Data to Meaningful Change

Harnessing the Power of Science

All knowhow offerings

Collect and
Organise Data

We take care of your data flows to raise their value and quality along the entire value chain.

Data Management

Develop Platforms
and Algorithms

Building on well-organised data, we innovate your business by creating software solutions.

Business Technology

Quant IT for Finance

Quant IT for Energy

Facilitate Digital

Relying on team learning, agile methodologies and design thinking we drive change processes.

Digital Change


Exploring data, we deepen your understanding of your business and empower decision-making.

Data Science

Business Intelligence

Industries – From Financial Powerhouses to Formula One

Branching Out to New Territories

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