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Business Intelligence turns information gathered from raw data into actionable insights. It provides reports, dashboards, tables or interactive visualisations to drive understanding about the past and present business journey and reveal trends for the future.

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How We See Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence describes a series of analyses and technologies to unlock the power of data. In our view, it builds on Data Management which transforms raw data into well-structured information. On that basis, it evaluates and predicts parameters of business success; it presents results through dashboards and reports; and it empowers users to independently explore data by designing their own analytics. In sum, Business Intelligence enables users to gain insights in order to make better decisions and reach their strategic objectives.

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Sönke Wegener, Expert Business Intelligence
“If you ask the right questions of your data, Business Intelligence provides the tools to obtain powerful answers - on anything from cash flow to strategic predictions.“

Sönke Wegener, Expert Business Intelligence

How You Benefit

Research by technology specialists at Vanson Bourne shows that companies put less than 15% of their data to business-relevant use. We enable our clients to increase this share and exploit their data to various ends:

Enhance Data Discovery and Reporting

We created real-time analytics and bespoke dashboards for the trading desk of a large German Landesbank. These interactive tools enable traders to discover and visualise insights about profitability and different risks inherent in their transactions and portfolios.

Empower Sales with Mobile Analytics

We developed analytics for a real estate asset management company to visualise sales insights. That empowered the management with its extensive sales network by speeding up decisions, making progress traceable and providing clearer up-to-date information tailored to mobile devices.

Create Agility with Self-Service Analytics

We set up a self-service BI framework at a leading building society to enable departments to shape their own analytics and deepen insights. As its basis we established a data catalogue, a curated registry of information with a common data language, that provides fast access to high quality data.

Communicate Insights across Countries

Reacting to the growing importance of data and their analytics, we developed communication guidelines for a Business Intelligence Centre of a global reinsurer. We set standards for the conceptual, perceptual and semantic design of dashboards and reports to effectively disseminate data-driven insights.

What We Offer

Our approach to Business Intelligence is business-centric. So, we always first make sure that we anchor our projects in a thorough understanding of your use cases and business goals. Whether we jointly shape a BI strategy, design specific analytics, or develop a self-service BI environment, we always strive to enhance your capabilities to explore your data and maximise your insights. To structure such different activities, we provide three offerings of different sizes:

Exploratory Workshop

We jointly benchmark and shape your business intelligence strategy.

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3-5 dys

Experimental Design Sprint

Together we develop prototypes to analyse and visualise your data.


2-4 wks

End-to-End Engineering

We implement solutions that sharpen your insights and business strategy.


> 2 mths

Where We Excel

To build quantitative solutions that leverage your business, we rely on a set of methodologies and technologies:

Business IntelligenceData ManagementData GovernanceProcessesData StorageMethodologyOrganisationalStructuresData StrategyData SecurityArchitectureDesignData ArchitectureData QualityArchitecturalPatternsData IntegrationReferenceArchitectureArchitectureEvolutionArchitecturalAnalysisData Modelling
DEVnet Team Meeting

How We Stay Ahead

We strive to continuously access new sources of knowledge and experience, challenge common wisdom and create new nodes in our professional networks. To achieve these goals, we pursue different avenues:

Tech Trends

To stay at the cutting edge of fast-moving technology trends we regularly screen markets. When we discern emerging developments that are particularly relevant for us, we analyse them by developing prototypes to gain first-hand experience. We share our generated insights with clients to evoke discussions, sharpen awareness and create new business opportunities.

Our Insights

As part of our in-house tech community we share expertise gained in projects across industries and clients. In these bi-weekly gatherings of up to 30 participants we examine technologies from different perspectives: We establish a dialogue on IT trends and share experiences concerning challenges and solutions in adopting technologies in the business context of our clients.

Business Acumen

We systematically develop our business understanding by nurturing curiosity, applying our knowledge across industries and recruiting colleagues with specific domain expertise. It allows us to closely cooperate with our clients’ business units. That close interaction in turn, further deepens our comprehension of business challenges and suitable technological solutions.

How to Get in Touch

We love exchanging ideas with you, so do feel free to reach out!

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Andreas Stecker

Lead Expert Data Strategy

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Heino Tiemann
Heino Tiemann

Lead Expert Data Management & Business Intelligence

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