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We combine mathematical skills, industry expertise and software engineering to build solutions for the energy sector. These applications solve data challenges and provide insights to streamline the provision of energy around the clock.

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How We See Quant IT for Energy

In Quant IT for Energy we develop quantitative software solutions for utilities and wider industry clients. Our service starts from the moment that energy is generated and becomes a tradable commodity. Specifically, we build regulatory compliant platforms that process growing data sets in real-time and offer applications for transmission, distribution, trading and retailing of energy across Europe and beyond.

Markus Weber, Lead Expert Quant IT for Energy
“Whether you’re a trader looking to automatically trade electricity and gas, a municipal utility in need of accurate portfolio management or a grid operator facing data challenges, we can build the required solution.“

Markus Weber, Lead Expert Quant IT for Energy

How You Benefit

Relying on our experience we develop analytics, automate processes, establish consistent data flows, implement efficient migrations, reduce complexities and achieve scalability for different clients in the energy sector. Here are four projects as examples:

Establish a Powerful Data Hub

Create a coherent platform for diverse sets of data to boost valuation, risk analytics and innovation in energy trading.

Case Study: Industry – Energy

Develop an Algo-Trading Platform

Build an algorithmic system to autonomously trade electricity and other commodities on European exchanges.

Case Study: Service – Create new Business

Launch a Cloud-Based Pricing Service

Establish real-time power and gas pricing in the cloud to advance automation in trading and digital client services.

Build Real-Time Portfolio Analytics

Set up real-time monitoring of trades and trading strategies raising the capacity to respond to a dynamically changing market.

What We Offer

We focus on our clients’ business model and the individual needs of specific user groups in developing solutions. Some of our clients want to jointly explore the business potential of emerging technologies; others aim to organise their data flows for quantitative solutions; others again, may aim to develop an innovative real-time trading and risk system. To meet such demands, we provide three offerings of different sizes:

Exploratory Workshop

We challenge established assumptions, brainstorm and share technological experience and trends.

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1-2 days

Solution Prototyping

Once different scenarios for solutions have been sketched out, we jointly explore their viability.


> 3 wks

Platform Development

We build a production-ready quantitative software that is fully integrated into your business.


> 3 mths

Where We Excel

To build quantitative solutions that leverage your business, we rely on a set of methodologies and technologies:

Industry ExpertiseMarket & Reference DataDerived Market DataMaster Data ManagementData Quality ManagementMarket Data ProcessingDomain KnowledgeDemand ForecastingGeneration ForecastingSmart MeteringEnergy Data ManagementPosition ManagementValuation & Risk AnalyticsPrice-Forward CurveMarket RiskDerivatives ValuationProxy Valuation of Illiquide ProductsValuation of structured productsLiquidityRiskCredit RiskCollateral ManagementOTC MarginingxVAHedge AccountingREMITMARMaRiskAccounting & Regulatory AnalyticsEMIRMiFID IISFTRComputational ScienceStochasticsNumerical AnalysisQuantitative FinanceApplied MathematicsOptimisationTrading ProcessesAlgorithmic TradingPre- and Post- Trade AnalyticsPortfolio ManagementP&L ExplainedTrading Performance MetricsTrading & Portfolio AnalyticsDomain TechnologiesTradingRegulatory-ReportingTrade SupportEnergy Trading Risk ManagementMarket Data and Market AnalysisGeographic Information SystemsMathematicsSPSS-Software
General Technologies
DEVnet Team Meeting

How We Stay Ahead

Understanding starts with listening. As explorers driven by curiosity, we listen to your needs. As Data Scientists, we enjoy going a step further in the following directions:

Set Up
New Challenges

We regularly organise design sprints and hackathons together with our clients. When we encounter unusual but clearly defined challenges, we may gather five to ten colleagues who join forces with our client’s experts to develop prototypes within a few days.

These events inspire and offer interesting insights for our developers into current challenges and developments in different industries. At the same time, they provide useful boosts to our projects.


We run several knowhow communities to foster exchanges among like-minded experts. The overlapping focus of these groups facilitates the internal dissemination of knowledge across disciplines. So, our specialists in Data Science, Business Intelligence and Business Technology regularly share insights with our energy experts.

Plus, we have built up our own E-learning resources. These offer videos, papers, presentations and other course material on topics like energy trading, valuation and specialised software tools.

Build Knowledge

We actively engage with professionals on leading industry platforms and events such as E-World and Enlit Europe. We have held presentations on topics like emissions trading at international energy conferences run by the leading media services Argus and Platts.

We foster cooperation with academics. We have exclusive partnerships with distinguished researchers at Augsburg University and University of Southampton who join our teams in select projects and hackathons.

How to Get in Touch

We love exchanging ideas with you, so do feel free to reach out!

Markus Weber
Markus Weber

Lead Expert Quant IT for Energy

Reach out to Markus

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