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the Power of Science

For a sustainable future, organisations have to master data and technology with a focus on the needs of people. Our offerings provide that expertise to jointly build up knowledge and lasting solutions.

Integrate and Organise DataDevelop Platforms and AlgorithmsGenerate InsightsFacilitate Digital Transformation

Building Digital Fitness

To digitally empower our clients, we have aligned our work along four interdependent fields of knowledge:

Integrate and Organise Data
Platforms and
Generate Insights

Integrate and Organise Data

Gathering diverse complex data and refining it into high-quality input
Data Management

We take care of your data flows to raise their value and quality along the entire value chain. Blending a technological, methodological and organisational perspective, we build a basis of tailored information flows with one goal: providing high-quality data for your digital platforms and for the analytics to systematically generate insights.

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Develop Platforms and Algorithms

Building automated systems and analytics to digitalise and scale your value chains
Business Technology

We fuse business and technological skills to develop software solutions that make your core processes digitally savvy. Bridging a common gap between experts in business and technology departments, we develop application ecosystems that raise your agility, efficiency and ability to innovate.

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Quant IT for Finance

We build real-time analytics for capital markets. These include pre-processing of data, quantitative modelling and simulation with live data, best practices for seamless transition to production, plus workflow automation and interactive reporting. That leverages trading and risk management.

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Quant IT for Energy

We provide solutions for the new challenges that arise from digitalisation and growing real-time data-processing in the energy sector. With utilities and other industry clients we develop quantitative software that is pivotal in the transmission, distribution, trading and retailing of energy.

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Generate Insights

Exploring diverse and large data sets to facilitate decisions and innovation
Business Intelligence

We provide state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies to explore the data related to your business activities. Specifically, we evaluate and predict parameters of success, present results through reports and dashboards, and empower users to independently explore information by designing their own analytics.

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Data Science

We foster innovation by linking human creativity with computational power. Specifically, we generate insights through automated analyses and artificial intelligence. Further, we make these powerful analytics available to connected platforms and algorithms that directly control and automate businesses processes.

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Facilitate Digital Transformation

Blending technological and organisational development to inspire users and creators
Digital Change

Handling your data, developing digital platforms and generating insights will only get you so far. True progress equally requires continuous learning of the people involved and your organisation as a whole. To that end, we rely on our experience and best practices in change management, team learning, Needs-based Communication, agile methodologies, design thinking and innovation.

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