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Digital Change is our way of getting all the people on board to jointly drive innovation. To achieve that goal, we combine elements of digital transformation with the tools of Change Management. That raises the chance of bringing about meaningful change.

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How We See Digital Change

Digital Change is more than disrupting an established system. It is about continuously innovating and inspiring people. That is why we approach it by blending two concepts: We enable Digital Transformation by applying best practices of Change Management.

Digital Transformation

Foster innovation

Enhance user experience

Develop digital business models


Change Management

Bring agile methodologies to life

Embrace needs-based communication

Facilitate processes of change

Dr Michael Scherer, Lead Expert Digital Change
“Even if business transformation is often centred around technological innovation and digital business models, one factor is even more central: the hearts and minds of the people involved.“

Dr Michael Scherer, Lead Expert Digital Change

How You Benefit

Our experience allows us to combine a business perspective with technological and organisational considerations to raise the probability of success in Digital Change. We apply that knowhow in the context of a range of industries and services. Here are four examples:

Launch a Technology Enabled Service

We facilitated the transformation from a system in which local banks individually preprocessed complex risk data to a newly built hub-and-spoke platform. By making the local banks partners they became drivers of the change. The outcome was a scalable business model with analytics as a service that is accessible to the entire market and maximises returns on tech investment.

Foster Agility and Innovation

To design a cloud native platform for algorithmic trading we have combined our agile software development with methods to spur innovation: We have run regular hackathons with our client’s quants, external scientists and our experts for AI and technology. Together we developed a system that automatically buys and sells energy commodities to take advantage of imbalances in the energy market.

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Meet the Needs of Decision Makers

The aspiration was to empower business units with insights from company wide data of a global reinsurer. So, we accompanied the creation of a Business Intelligence Competence Centre, a new business unit serving more than 3000 employees. Relying on design thinking was key in establishing a user-centric service that offers visualisation tools, dashboards and interactive reports.

Embrace Digital Progress

We benchmarked a bank’s technology and business setup to chart a roadmap for boosting issuance of investment certificates. To meet the challenges of such digital transformation, we made sure that technology, business structure and the inspiration of the team reinforce each other. Creating awareness for that mix and designing a path forward has been pivotal in facilitating the process of change.

What We Offer

Our clients look for different kinds and scales of support in their effort to bring about digital change. Some look to build momentum to kick-start their initiative; others require a sparring partner along their entire transformative journey; others again, aim to scale by jointly designing and implementing a change agenda. To meet those demands, we provide three offerings of different sizes:

New Paths

We examine approaches to reaching your transformative goals.

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1-2 dys

for Change

We enable your teams to move ahead in a digitalisation project.


1-4 wks

Extra Capacity

We jointly develop and implement your digital change agenda.


> 3 mths

Where We Excel

To bring about Digital Change, we rely on a set of different skills and methodologies:

Emerging Technology ResearchIdeationEmpathyMapsCustomerJourneysDesignThinkingValue PropositionModellingKanbanScaled AgileFrameworkInnovationDigital Business ModelsAgile MethodologiesUXInterviewTechniquesNeeds-based CommunicationCoaching & MentoringWorkshopModeration& FacilitationConflictResolutionCommunicationScrumRapidPrototypingProject PortfolioManagementTeam Learning CyclesChangeStoryTeam Alignment MapProcess of ChangeBusinessModel TestingBusiness Model InnovationPlaying to Win — Strategy FrameworkTechnological Solution DesignProduct Improvement Process Improvement Service Improvement Innovation CultureDark Horse InnovationStrategy DesignUser Testing & RetrospectivesRoadmap DesignPrototypingBusiness Model PatternsBusinessModel CanvasBusiness Process Model & NotationRequirements EngineeringBusiness AnalysisFeedback CyclesIntegrative ThinkingSystems ThinkingCulture Map ExtremeProgrammingTest DrivenDevelopmentFeature DrivenDevelopmentUI DesignDigital Change
DEVnet Team Meeting

How We Stay Ahead

We strive to continuously access new sources of knowledge and experience, challenge common wisdom and create new nodes in our professional networks. To achieve these goals, we pursue different avenues:

from Leaders

We draw inspiration from leading professionals such as Klaus Doppler, the author of the standard reference „Change Management“. He has held several workshops for our experts, raising our awareness for processes of change.

As we see everyone as a change agent, we have trained 94% of our staff in needs-based communication. That approach, developed by the psychologist and mediator Marshall Rosenberg, is not a mere method – it forms the basis of our mindset.


We run specific knowledge communities that work both externally with clients and internally in support of our project teams. One community focuses on Change Management. It is organised by a group of our consultants with diverse theoretical and practical backgrounds.

A second forum works on UX and innovation. Inspired by one of our business partners, it was launched after a series of in-house workshops. Both communities arrange open weekly exchanges. They offer valuable opportunities to discuss new ideas, tools and methods and their application in our projects.

with Wizards

We collaborate with world-class academics. One example was a joint project with the School of Management at St. Gallen University. In an analysis of business models, we examined our joint venture activity with our long-term partner, the asset management company Assenagon.

We regularly hold exchanges with thought leaders in Integrative Thinking at the Rotman School of Management, one of Canada’s leading business schools. Specifically, we cooperate with the team of the school’s former dean, Roger Martin, to assess business strategies.

How to Get in Touch

We love exchanging ideas with you, so do feel free to reach out!

Michael Scherer

Dr Michael Scherer

Lead Expert Digital Change

Reach out to Michael

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