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Data Science combines specific domain knowledge with sophisticated tools from mathematics and IT. Together with our clients we apply this powerful mix to generate new insights and automated analyses that reach beyond human capabilities.

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How We See Data Science

We regard Data Science as an interdisciplinary approach to reveal insights from data by combining three fields of expertise: Mathematics, Computer Science and industry expertise.


Mathematics: Artificial Intelligence,
Machine Learning,
Financial Mathematics

Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise: Banking,
Asset Management,
Insurance, Energy,
Stock Exchanges,
Digital Economy,

Computer Science

Computer Science: Data Management,
Software Development,
IT Infrastructure

Dr. Martin Vieten, Lead Expert Data Science
“Today’s economy runs on data. Tomorrow’s economy will run on algorithms. We guide our clients to access more data and develop more sophisticated algorithms in order to unlock their full potential.”

Dr. Martin Vieten, Lead Expert Data Science

How You Benefit

Research by technology specialists at Vanson Bourne shows that companies put less than 15% of their data to business-relevant use. We enable our clients to increase this share and exploit their data to various ends:

Use Predictive Maintenance

Analyse component wear and fleet usage to avoid downtimes of mobile assets in logistics.

Case Study: Industry – Mobility

Apply Machine Learning

Make automated buy and sell decisions in energy trading to increase profits.

Case Study: Industry - Energy

Develop Fraud Detection

Scrutinise large numbers of images and videos to improve assessments of insurance claims.

Exploit the Potential of AI

Employ an adaptive strategy that gains real time market insights to maximise portfolio returns.

What We Offer

Our approach to Data Science is business-centric. So rather than solely relying on prefabricated models, we put strong emphasis on analysing your use cases and tailor relevant models to the identified requirements. When bringing these models into production, seamless integration into your existing IT landscape is paramount to us. In particular, we maintain a vendor-independent viewpoint and consult our clients on solutions that work best with their architecture.


We assess preliminary questions regarding your data and your business models.

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4-8 hrs


We explore a dedicated data set containing information gathered from your systems.


> 2 days


We support you in specifying, designing and implementing models for your use cases.


> 2 mths

Where We Excel

To apply our knowhow in Data Science, we rely on a set of different methodologies and skills:

JavaContainerizationTime Series Data BasesSQLData LakesVirtual InfrastructureCloud ComputingRelational Data BasesStatistical InferenceForecastingStatistical TestingMathematical OptimizationPattern RecognitionNeural NetworksDeep LearningRegressionBusiness UnderstandingServicesAssetsClientsProductsBusiness ProcessesMarketsBusiness AnalysisRequirement EngineeringStakeholder ManagementCommunicationTestingClassificationData ScienceMathematicsIndustry ExpertiseComputer ScienceSelected Project Skills
DEVnet Team Meeting

How We Stay Ahead

Understanding starts with listening. As explorers driven by curiosity, we listen to your needs. As Data Scientists, we enjoy going a step further in the following directions:

Linking up
With Science

We build and maintain strong ties to applied research at several universities. We support specific research, sponsor doctoral students and collaborate with professors. That has given us access to a vast talent pool.

Across Sectors

We keep in touch with our experts from interrelated topics like change management and user experience. This helps us to broaden our perspective and to consider projects in their full context within a business.


We frequently run workshops fostering our own expertise and that of our clients. We have hosted joint hackathons with our clients, allowing us to explore new concepts and to gain insights about arising trends in the industry.

How to Get in Touch

We love exchanging ideas with you, so do feel free to reach out!

Andreas Stecker
Andreas Stecker

Lead Expert Data Strategy

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Martin Vieten
Dr. Martin Vieten

Lead Expert Data Science

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