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About DEVnet

Our mix of professional and technological skills equips us to take on various projects in different fields, ultimately leading to outstanding achievements. This constructive attitude and committed determination, paired with personal, professional and technological skills, results in our ability to perform in any given cross-sectional and interdisciplinary situation.

Our working principle is to view each issue a client may have from every possible angle. Consequently, our services are both comprehensive and holistic, resulting in tailor made solutions, to accommodate the client's needs. We are all versatile, inquiring and open-minded, taking on tasks exceeding our scope of usual expertise. Highly adaptable and versatile consultants are skilled to manage any situation or challenge. If we develop as an individual and as a team, our company will consequently thrive as an enterprise.

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Working @ DEVnet

Working together with us means analysing problems, creating solutions and implementing results. Being in close contact with clients means working in a variety of different fields and constructive teams, hence being successful in our various projects.

Associate/Experienced Consultants broaden their horizons with new experiences in projects and take on an increasing amount of responsibilities.

Senior/Principal Consultants assume responsibility, contribute to the overall progression of our business with their knowledge and expertise, besides sharing this with other employees.

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DEVnet Equation

Character and heart determines a person’s development. These attributes are at least as important as an individual’s professional and technological skills. Here at DEVnet, people work in a multi-cultural environment with various backgrounds and academic qualifications. Versatility is dependent on external influences and different personalities. Encouraging and supporting our employees individually and promoting a market orientated view is our foremost objective.

Strengths are enhanced. Our consultants are communicative, constructive, cooperative, friendly, as well as, professionally and technologically skilled.

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Application Process


Within two days an acknowledgement of receipt is sent. In the meantime the examination of your application documents commences in cooperation with HR and the experts. 

Attitude Check

During an approximately 45 minute long interview with HR, priority will be given to becoming acquainted with you. Your experiences, goals and visions are emphasised upon. Reciprocally, we will inform you in more detail about DEVnet.

Skill Related Interview

Associate/Experienced Consultants
Experts will review your abilities on the basis of your qualifications and experiences. During a performance test you will be asked to work on a small task together with your interviewing partners.

Senior/Principal Consultants
During the skill interview we will talk about one of your more recent projects. Seniors from different fields will be questioning you on your experiences.


We are looking forward to working together with you, and thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Welcome to DEVnet!

DEVnet Top Employer 2017
DEVnet Top Employer 2018
DEVnet Top Employer 2019
DEVnet Top Employer 2020
DEVnet Top Employer 2021

2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and soon also 2022!

Our job offers, and the feedback of our applicants helped us win the top midmarket employer award of again in 2021. Selected from more than 60,000 job offers we were chosen as one of the most interesting midmarket employers; so-called “Hidden Champions”.

We are ever so proud of this proof of popularity which we regard as an affirmation of our philosophy. Our company characteristics, e.g. work-life- balance, appreciation, development, inspiration, responsibility, individuality, and own identity are not just terms with no meaning for us but are applied in our every-day way of life.

Are you curious now, or have you maybe already chosen one of our job offers? We are more than ready to answer any further questions before and after your application at any time!


We are looking forward to your application in a PDF document.

Furusan Hammerschmidt (Germany)

Anna Woźniak (Poland)

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