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Application Management

We manage your applications and service platforms…

Market trends

  • necessitate the continuous advancement of your application landscape
  • alter the operations and structure of your business processes, and consequently of your application landscape
  • require the ongoing evaluation and optimisation of your IT systems

Operational Challenges

  • tie up know-how and IT resources into the managing of your application environment
  • require flexibility and resource planning around critical time-points, such as new release roll-outs
  • demand careful and time-consuming maintenance to facilitate the seamless execution business-processes within historically evolved application landscapes
  • require high-grade systems and services in order to fulfil the expectations of the customers and users

…to provide you with more freedom and flexibility.
Your performance will increase!

Application Management DEVnet

We perfectly align our team to your goals. Our on-site consultants ensure close co-operation with the corresponding counterpart. Our teams in Munich, Frankfurt and our Nearshore Development Centre in Wrocław (Poland) guarantee you comprehensive optimal solutions, tailored to your needs. We implement optimal solutions cost-effectively in accordance with requirements. Through flexible resource allocation, the high quality of our services matches our exceptional cost-efficacy.

Feedback from our customers confirms that our high commitment levels as well as our competency to translate technical challenges into IT solutions, are the key to many successful customer projects. Your core business will profit from this expertise.

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  • Capital Market Solutions
  • Risk Solutions
  • Asset Management Solutions
  • Energy Solutions
  • Data Management Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions

Methods & Competences

  • Focus on core competencies
  • Full Software Lifecycle
  • One stop Shop
  • Release Management
  • Customization und Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Incident Management
  • Functional Support
  • Technical Support
  • Software as a Service SaaS
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Asset Management
  • Regulatory Requirements and Compliance
  • Front Office
  • Risk Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Cloud Services
  • Run & Change
  • DevOps