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The company’s development is driven by our passion for innovation as well as our experiences and successes gained from our various projects. The company’s principle has always been to find solutions throughout the entire value chain from IT to Business and thereby stimulating competitive advantages. Focusing on these solutions, we consult leading insurance, energy and financial services companies specialising in the trading and risk management sectors. Hence, we pursue a creative and open-minded approach in the process of problem solving. Our solutions are both holistic and sustainable.

We see our main challenge in advancing your business by being responsive to fast changing markets and adapting to regulatory requirements through technology. In a digital business world, IT and business strategies are no longer separated. Data is pivotal and must be organised intelligently to progress the entire value chain (Data Value Chains). In order to enable our clients to be one step ahead we develop smart analytical services and applications (Business Analytics). Fast integration of new technologies and services is a crucial success factor and can be achieved by designing IT platforms enabling agile development of new application eco-systems (Application Ecosystems). To us, Managed Services is defined upon mutual trust and partnership. This allows you to stay focused on your core business (Managed Services).

Our goal is to establish DEVnet as a strong brand for holistic and innovative problem solving expertise in international markets.

Our employees are the corner stone of our success. Their different backgrounds, experiences and characteristics inspire our development, allowing us to break down complexity and provide advanced services. Their aspiration of succeeding in every given challenge is what makes our consultants unique. Everyone contributes to the overall goal of ensuring our clients’ success, which consequently enables our company to thrive. Our development shows we are on the right path (Career).



Andreas Kokott - DEVnet Management

Andreas Kokott

Andreas Kokott looks back on many years of experience as an entrepreneur, manager and consultant in methodical and technological questions of the capital and commodity markets. Prior to that, he developed and led the structured investment solutions team and was responsible for technological innovations in trading and risk management for derivatives and securities at a major European bank.

Barbara Alexandropoulou - DEVnet Management

Barbara Alexandropoulou

Barbara Alexandropoulou looks back on years of experience in IT management at a leading European capital investment company. Above that she worked as a Project Manager in IT projects.

Dr. Robert Pfund - DEVnet Management

Dr. Robert Pfund

Robert Pfund looks back on years of experience as a consultant and project manager in the banking and insurance sector. Above that he held a leading role in risk controlling and investment banking at a major European bank.

Theo Maier - DEVnet Management

Theo Maier

Theo Maier looks back on years of international consulting experience for financial service providers and utility companies. Above that he held leading roles in sales of several software companies.

Theofanis Alexandropoulos - DEVnet Management

Theofanis Alexandropoulos

Theofanis Alexandropoulos looks back on years of experience as an entrepreneur, developer, consultant and project manager in the financial service and industry sector.

Prof. Dr. Ralf Werner - DEVnet Management

Prof. Dr. Ralf Werner

Ralf Werner looks back on years of professorship for mathematical modelling and business mathematics. Above that he held leading roles in risk modelling and quantitative methodologies at major European banks and insurance companies.

DEVnet Germany

DEVnet Munich

DEVnet GmbH
Nördliche Münchner Straße 14a
82031 Grünwald

Meeting Office Munich

Wredestraße 7
80335 Munich

  • Phone: +49 89 244154 000
  • Fax: +49 89 244154 001

Meeting Office Frankfurt

Grüneburgweg 58-62
60322 Frankfurt am Main

  • Phone: +49 69 6783050 0
  • Fax: +49 69 6783050 20

Meeting Office Hamburg

Neuer Wall 10
20354 Hamburg

  • Phone: +49 40 228608 90
  • Fax: +49 40 228608 91

DEVnet Poland

DEVnet Wrocław

DEVnet High Performance Solutions Sp. z o.o.
ul. Prosta 36
53-508 Wrocław